The Bad Plants - Nerve Damage [1982] (Album)

by Punk Rock Opera

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Leo Forte - Guitar, Vocals
Rickey Legend - Bass
Tommy Ramen - Drums
Yui Sagami - Engineer

Recorded at SunRise Studio in Los Angeles, 1982
a C.B.R. recording


released December 1, 1982

----Story Tellers-----
Mac Cagle - Vocals on all tracks except Cardiac Dissidence Guitar on all tracks except Mothra Drums on Mothra

Roger Greenfield - Drums on all tracks except Mothra Guitar on Mothra Bass and backup vocals on Roach-Man

Dr J - Bass on Rat-Boy, Mothra & Insectlaration of Independence

Katie Kaudse - Vocal clip on Mothra

Rat-Boy, Mothra and Insectlaration of Independence were originally written for and performed by the band GIant Monsters

if your still confused about how this fits in the story watch this.

Thank you for listening

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Track Name: Nerve Damage
I’d pull of my fingers, but then who’d play you guitar
Watch as the dreams and blood, pour from the scars
And when I finally quit all this singing with one last note
When the monsters in my head finally rip out my throat
And when I die on this stage would that be good?
Hands still clutched around this neck of wood

Screams in an empty room, of filled up minds
Bounce off closed ears, wasting breath and time
When I go and all that's left is grooves in wax and tape
Will it matter in 100 years when they refuse to play?
Those thing can eat you alive too much to manage
That's the real brain ache man, that's real nerve damage
Track Name: Roach-Man
Emerge from slumber in insect form, all six of my legs push along the floor
I am a roach man nothing more, won't leave my house, lock the door

*I am the roach man, and I won't live this way
I am the roach man, and this is my final day*

I won't live this way I won't I can't, I'm a roach after all not even an ant
Call the extermination hotline, send whoever I'm sure they'll do just fine


Unlock the door let him in, bugs get big here he says with a grin
Empty the tank turn out the lights, breathe in deep without a fight


At that one moment, the siren sounds
The flash of heat, and mushroom cloud
Burn man and woman, all those around
Turned to ash, in fiery mounds
In Russian blasted, burial grounds
The roach unfazed, we rule now
King of the wasteland, I am crowned


They call me roach king
Fly on my golden wings
Track Name: Reagan Shut Down the Asylums
Welcome back from Vietnam, hope the syndrome hasn’t got you John
If it did well we’ve got a treat, on the streets is where you’ll sleep

#The government ignores you, it was our job to store you
But ya see it just costs too much, run the house, for the nuts#

Sorry Rambo we shut her down, maybe you can try the next town
Sorry you got nowhere to go, but at least you get to keep your lobe


*Reagan shut down the asylums, there's just nowhere left to hide ‘em
Reagan shut down the asylums, you just can’t keep denying ‘em*

See you’re ill but in the head, it’d be easier if you were just dead
You know the jail would take you in, welcome to prison the new loony bin




Reagan Shut down the asylums, reagan shut down the asylums
Reagan shut down the asylums, you just can’t keep denying ‘em!
Track Name: Cardiac Dissidence
Track Name: Rat-Boy
Fifty years ago, the Lindbergh baby was taken from his home but nobody knows
The world searched for him, but they didn’t know that they should of looked below

*He was a Rat-Boy, living underground
He was a Rat-Boy, never to be found
Rat-Boy Rat-Boy GO!*

He grew into a man and got hair on his face
Mutated with the rats and became a new race


Rat-Boy was sad, he’d never know love, it was for a world above him
Till one day he met the flea girl and his life would never be the same

Now he’s and old rat with three little kids
A flea wife of his own, what a life he lived

Go! GOOOooo…!
Track Name: Study in FEEDBACK
What you got left? When you sit on the verge of death
What do you hold true? When there’s nothing left of you
Little atom so strong Crack ‘em everything's gone
Turn the whole world to ash with your nuclear bash

*No I don’t wanna lose control man
Whole world could blow man
We’re outta control*

You got an itchy trigger finger, to start a nuclear winter
The roaches will remember you, for what you’ve done and what you’ll do

Track Name: 1984
Nowhere to run, and nothing to hide, from the government's prying eyes
Take yourself a soma holiday, and get some time away from the brain

*Welcome to 1984 Your apathy has opened up the door
Now big brother is spying on you Monitoring through an Apple II*

Take your mandatory soma injections Hope you don’t mind if we rig the elections
Freedom of speech for those approved Best shut up before your removed


I say the police are on a killing spree You say it means nothing to me
I tell you our democracy is now an oligarchy You say it means nothing to me

“Ladies & Gentlemen our lord and savior President Ronald Reagan”
“Good evening my children, remember the Gipper's got his eye on you!”

What did your SAT say about you? Oh I see you’re a delta too
Speak softly big brother is near, never mind he’s already here


Welcome to 1984, the oligarchy has pried open the door
Now the government is watching you Monitoring through your Apple II

“Don’t mind him, he’ll be taken care of”
Track Name: Mothra
Kyoto’s in peril come out to find,
A mammoth egg as if dropped from the sky
Divine moth with lightning wings, Kyoto burns as the cosmos sing
Divine moth with lightning wings, Kyoto burns as mankind does nothing

Insect would soon come to claim what was hers,
That's when we found out what in the egg stirs
Divine moth with lightning wings, Kyoto burns as the cosmos sing
Divine moth with lightning wings, Kyoto burns as mankind does nothing

Antennas of cosmic power, she flies on wings of lightning
A moth of true divinity, today we hear her cry ring

モスラ ヤ モスラ

Godzilla would soon come to challenge the moth
Cities were ravaged but good was not lost
Divine moth with lightning wings, Kyoto burns as the cosmos sing
Divine moth with lightning wings, Kyoto burns as mankind does nothing

An island of monsters she fights for the earth
The battle was won with Mothra’s rebirth
Divine moth with lightning wings, Kyoto burns as the cosmos sing
Divine moth with lightning wings, Kyoto burns as mankind does nothing

Defender of the planet, a warrior of earth
Are we even worth saving, can we prove our worth?
Track Name: Millitary Industrial Complex
War is our business now, for every tear not shed
And every grave not dug, there's a dollar left unspent

You really think the ones making the bullets, are the same ones that pray for peace
Their praying for enough greens, for all those palms left to grease

Step on the necks of a thousand men, bullets rain down in fiery shower
And when we all go hungry, let them eat gunpowder
Track Name: Insectlaration of Independence
Radiation is a curious thing, no one expects what it would bring
Bugs the size of men
All our sugar the ants will take, I fear we may never fix this mistake
Or live to make again

*Moths deliver the mail, ants farm for grain*
Humans are no more, mankind goes insane

Spiders kill the police, and run the laws as they please
Streets paved in gore
Millipedes bus men to their ends, the cricket lords will crush their heads
Mankind is no more

Humans are no more, the crickets have crushed their brains

Larvas in daycare dont understand life during man
The beetle mayor will chew and gnaw at man's failed law
A congress of flies with sucrose in stacks pass the newest sugar tax

“The insectlaration of independence upon which all bugs stand
Forbids the very notion of man…
Now all rise for our national anthem”

Yellow jackets cut through black and yellow, bee guts fly like streaks of jello
The great wasp war

The white house where the queen bee lives, her bees obey any order she gives
Mankind is no more

Humans are no more, now the bees reign
Track Name: Formic Acid for Blood
Formic acid for blood, rips it all away
Stripped to the bone, follows you to the grave
Seeps through your skin, a boiling rage
Burns through your world, never the same
Reduced to a bug, blood of the ant
Trapped all alone, not the same man
Dream of the day, that things could change
Formic acid for blood, rips it all away